Frequently Asked Questions on CEW Training

Q: Do I have to be exposed in order to be certified?

A: No, but it is highly recommended that you be exposed, particularly if you carry a firearm and  a CEW.

Q: If I volunteer to be exposed, what does this involve?

A: If you wish to be exposed during certification:

  • You will sign a waiver of liability.
  • You will choose where to be exposed.
  • You will dictate the duration of exposure.
  • You will be allowed to video your own exposure.

Q: Is training for civilians required in California?

A: No. California does not require civilians be trained on the proper and lawful use of a CEW, but it is highly recommended that you be trained with any weapon you carry.

Q: What should I wear?

A: If you plan on being exposed, wear clothes you do not mind our darts poking holes into.

Conducted Energy Weapon Training

A Conducted Energy Weapon (CEW) is a device that delivers low amperage electrical current into its target, temporarily impacting the sensory and motor nervous system. When properly deployed, a CEW can disable an assailant with limited risk of long term or substantial injury. The most popular CEWs available to Security Officers and the general public are produced by Axon and other companies. Most people refer to CEWs as "Tasers" and refer to the neuro-muscular incapacitating effects of the CEW as being "Tazed". 

SSTC has on-staff instructors who have been certified to train law enforcement officers and civilians on the proper use of CEWs. Our 6-hour course of instruction meets the standard of training provided to State licensed Security Officers. 

Beyond classroom presentations and discussions, this course includes hands-on manipulation of popular CEWs, reloading drills, tactical drills and live firing of CEWs. Our course fee is all-inclusive of CEWs, cartridges, eye protection and targets.

Like firearms, skills associated with CEWs are perishable. The CEW certification earned through this course is recognized by SSTC for a period of one year. SSTC offers a 2 hour CEW refresher course, provided following the scheduled 6-hour course. The refresher course updates students with new CEW technologies, recent legal findings, current best practices and a live-firing session. The refresher course extends the original certification for an additional 1 year.

​6-Hour CEW Course  - $ 75               

2-Hour CEW Refresher Course - $ 25

NOTE: Persons prohibited by law from possessing a CEW will not be permitted to participate in this course (e.g. those with felony convictions).