BSIS Baton Course         Course Fee Does Not Include State Licensing Fee


Possession of a side handle, straight, expandable, or A.S.P. batons without a permit is a felony per California Penal Code.

This eight (8) hour course of instruction provides the practical, legal and moral aspects relative to carrying and using covers side handle, straight, expandable, and A.S.P. brand batons. The fee for this class is $115.

Students must pass a written examination, as well as a practical examination. Upon completion of the course, a BSIS baton permit will be issued to the student. The permit does not expire, but is only valid when possessed in conjunction with a valid California Guard Registration.  BSIS charges all State certified schools a fee for each license (per student) and SSTC reduces costs as to you the learner as much as possible, . 

Total Cost for 8 hour class does not include the fee for the State License. The fee for the State license is $60.