No single individual has more influence over the quality of life in a community than its property manager. Whether as a commercial property manager, a home owner association manager, or a manager in a multi-family apartment community, the property manager has a tremendous influence on the quality of life on the property. While various owners and employers will vary in their policies, every manager can benefit from a strong comprehension of the topics included in these courses for property managers:


  • Landlord-Tenant Law: 8 Hours
    • ​Guidance and insight on California Fair Housing laws.  Handbook including laws relevant to entry into dwellings, 3-day notices, termination notice requirements, domestic violence terminations, city-sponsored evictions, abandoned property and more.
  • Responding to Crimes in Progress: 4 Hours
    • ​Strategies and tactics when answering alarm calls, requests for assistance, and service calls.   Developing safe habits when responding to crimes in progress criminal codes.  Understanding the scene, searching for suspects, contacts, and evidence.
  • Defensive Driving: 4 Hours
    • ​Familiarizes with laws in California and highlights effective techniques used to lower driving related incidents.  
  • Criminal Law: 8  Hours
    • In depth study of the California Penal Code.  Participants learn the structure of coding, types of crimes, and detailed descriptions of how to articulate the necessary elements.  Students learn to explore the public records databases to find information.
  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED): 8 Hour
    • Provides students with training on how and why the designs of residential, industrial, and commercial spaces, influence crime.  Strategies to enhance community patrolling and improve report writing elements.
  • Tactical Communication: 8 Hours
    • Participants learn the techniques to deflect insults and motivate persons towards voluntary compliance.  Students discover the importance of verbal communication and how to generate win/win scenarios.

Personal Safety: 16 Hours. 

Property Managers work in a role with inherent dangers not widely discussed or considered. While different employers will have different policies, we believe that everyone's personal policy should be one of preparedness and survival. Property management involves meeting strangers, often working alone in an empty office, and at times, escorting a stranger into a furnished dwelling to provide tours. This 6 hour course is designed to provide property managers with legal knowledge, defense option familiarity, defense option comfort and the skills necessary for self defense in the event of an assault. 

  • Self Defense 101 
  • Pepper Spray Class 
  • Conducted Energy Weapon Training 
  • Weaponless Defense 
  • The Survivor's Mind/Scenarios Training

Property Manager Training