Basic Security Officer (8 Hours): $60

Phase Two (16 Hours): $150 

Phase Three (16 Hours): $150

40 Hours Security Guard Course: $310


Earn or maintain your California Guard Card with SSTC. We offer the full spectrum including phases 1-3, tear gas, baton, and continuing education! 

​Fees paid to government such as fingerprinting or license applications are the responsibility of students and NOT included in the above pricing.  See Guard Card section for further details.

Sacramento Security Training Center (SSTC) provides traditional classroom learning with numerous full time instructors who are ready to assist you.  We specializes in providing training services for the private security industry, while also serving the vocational education and training needs for the property management industry, sports & fitness organizations and the general public. 

Benefits of Training with SSTC

SSTC prides itself on providing engaging, relevant and practical training to its students. Instructors include N.R.A. firearm instructors, security managers, practicing attorneys and other regional experts from relevant public safety and non-profit organizations. Beyond providing superior instruction and instructors with relevant work experience, training with SSTC provides:

  • Access to your training records online! Print documents for license and permit renewals.
  • Automated e-mail alerts when re-qualifications or renewals are approaching.
  • Loyalty discounts on classes (4th consecutive re-qualification is free of charge).
  • Referral points that can be used toward classes or re-qualification fees.
  • Convenient re-qualifications offered by appointment. Get in. Get out.
  • Re-qualification schedules that meet your lifestyle (evenings, weekends).

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Welcome to the

Sacramento Security Training Center

Licensed by the California

Bureau of Security and Investigative Services



No Range Fees!

Exposed Firearm Course: $145

Concealed Firearm Couse: $180

(Discounts Available - Ask for Details) Additional Calibers $10 + Ammo


Reduce resistance, enhance professionalism, learn to earn voluntary compliance, reduce liability, and reduce your stress. 


From basic handgun & rifle safety training, to concealed weapon permit training and exposed firearm permit training, SSTC's NRA certified Instructors are here to help.

Conveniently located in Sacramento:

320 Commerce Circle

Sacramento, CA 95815

​(916) 229-6002


Master life saving skills and gain the confidence needed to take appropriate action in the event of a medical emergency in the workplace.