§ 643. SKILLS TRAINING COURSE FOR SECURITY GUARDS                                      Questions  916.229.6002  

40 Hour Security Guard Course –   $  295                Guard Classes Phase 1 - 3

          This 5 day session completes requirements to apply for your State license.

8 Hour Introductory    -   $  50                                     Guard Class Phase 1


Phase I (Powers to Arrest & Terrorism Awareness/Weapons of Mass Destruction) course.  Completion of this training allows you to take the State examination.  Passing phase 1 is the minimum legal requirement to applyfor your State license.  California REQUIRES that you obtain 40 hours of specified training within the appropriate (see below) time frame.  Enrolling in this basic course allows flexibility to meet your scheduling needs.  You may attend the required weekday classes later in the month at your convenience or Tuesday nights.

Please beware that some schools may not tell you about these State fees so they may appear to offer lower prices.  These fees are required by the State of California and you will not obtain your license to work without paying them.

California requires this fee to "apply" for your license.    -   $55 For License Application

Fingerprinting/Background Check -  Prices vary on location and type (armed vs. unarmed) background check.  The Sacramento Security Training Center cannot quote prices from other companies, because they change.  However, the general estimates are $70 for basic security guard and $110 for armed security guard.

We recommend visiting our website and creating an account.  For clarity, these are
not online training courses, merely registration for classwork and management of your web access.  This will allow you to sign up for classes and access digital copies of the certifications earned and coursework completed.  You can also view our calendar or sign up for upcoming classes. 




INFORMATION           http://www.bsis.ca.gov/forms_pubs/guard_fact.shtml

Requirements for Registration

Security guards are employed by licensed private patrol operators or private security employers to protect persons or property or prevent theft as defined in Business and Professions Code (BPC) Section 7582.1. To be eligible to apply for a security guard registration through the Bureau of Security and Investigative Service (BSIS or Bureau), you must:

Be at least 18 years old (BPC Section 7582.8)
Undergo a criminal history background check through the California Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) (BPC Sections 7581 and 7583.9) and
Complete the Power to Arrest training (see “Training Requirements” below)

Fees (Title 16, California Code of Regulations (CCR) Section 640)

Initial Application Fee: $55.00                                                Renewal Fee: $40.00

Criminal History Background Check/Live Scan

Applicants for a BSIS Security Guard Registration must undergo a criminal history background check through the FBI and DOJ. Applicants should use the Security Guard Request for Live Scan Form available on the Bureau’s website as it contains the correct coding needed to ensure the Bureau receives the information in a timely manner. Applicants are responsible for paying all Live Scan, DOJ and FBI processing fees at the time of fingerprinting. A list of Live Scan locations can be found on the Bureau’s website.

Training Requirements

The power to arrest training must be completed prior to the issuance of a Security Guard Registration (BPC Sections 7583.6 and 7583.8).  The thirty-two (32) hours of training in security officer skills must be completed within the first six (6) months of licensure.  Eight (8) hours of continuing training must be completed annually (BPC 7583.6 and CCR 643).  The training may be administered by the guard’s employing private patrol operator or by a Bureau-approved course provider.

BSIS Advises: All registered security guards should maintain their own documented proof of completion of their training. Employers are required to maintain records for a minimum of two years; however registrants may need to provide subsequent employers or BSIS with training records. As a result BSIS recommends that registrants maintain copies of all of their own training records.


Tear Gas Permit

BPC Section 7583.35 requires all licensees or registrants wishing to carry tear gas while on duty to complete a training course pursuant to Penal Code Section 22835. 

Note - This class is included in our 40 hour course at no additional charge to you.

Fee     $40                 Length:                        4 Hour Course                     See Calendar for dates/times

Searching & Handcuffing                                                   

Students learn and perform the basic techniques of arresting, searching & handcuffing suspects.  Instructors work directly with each learner, teaching techniques that maximize safety while developing the basic skill. 

Fee      $40                  Length:                        4 Hour Course                      See Calendar for dates/times

Note - This class is included in our 40 hour course at no additional charge to you.


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